About Us

Driven by an enthusiasm for real ale, work began on the current Grasshopper Brewery site in Langley Mill early in 2016. Two time served engineers and lifelong friends and their beloved wives (one an accountant the other an IT specialist) all got their heads together and by the end of 2017 the team 'mashed in' their first brew on the new site. Shortly afterwards Grasshopper Brewery's beers started appearing in pubs nearby. Today as our beers gain recognition for their quality and our range gradually grows, new sales and re-orders has seen our beers reaching pubs, micro-pubs and festivals throughout Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

A family lead business that care's what it's customers think, listens to their comments and ideas and will strive to supply beer whenever required in the shortest time possible.

Personalised Approach


Commitment to the cause, respect for the brewing industry and the pub trade as well as the drinker. We at Grasshopper take brewing and supplying beer very seriously.

Excellence and Professionalism 


As with any successful business there has to be significant product testing and critical quality control.

Quality Control

For all enquiries and on trade sales please contact us

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