Nymph pump clip

An excellent copper/red rye beer at 4.2% made with 6 malts and 3 traditional English hops. Perfectly balanced ale with good body and mouthfeel leading in with a fruity refreshing aroma and taste followed by a very subtle rye flavour with hints of treacle and caramel and a smooth medium bitter finish. Considering its unique style this beer is extremely easy drinking and very moreish.

Devil's Horse  pump clip

Our full bodied sumptuously creamy Irish Stout at 4.3%. The grain bill for this traditional style includes flaked and roasted barley, crushed oats, chocolate and crystal malts combined with two well known popular English hops. It tastes as good as it sounds!

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A premium U.S. pale/amber ale at 4.8% featuring Mosaic & Centennial aroma hops. This popular style of American ale whilst being moderately hopped is not overwhelming. Its subtle sweetness carries the taste experience through to allow for the appreciation of the five types of specialty & pale malts. Again a very easy drinking well balanced brew with a clean finish.

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Session pale at 3.8%. A generously hopped thirst quenching citrusy ale made with extra pale malts and wheat for a clean crisp taste. Reviews for this new brew are already looking impressive!


Being 'Knee High' to a Grasshopper could possibly be related to height!? ...in our case it's a low abv session beer with a punch... it's the small ones you have to watch out for!

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A deceptively powerful, hoppy and bitter Anglo-American IPA at 5.8%. With traditional English and modern American hops combined with a backbone of the finest extra pale and Vienna malts.


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A special limited edition brew at 4.5% with Single Malt (Craft Pale Ale Malt) and Single Hops (Azacca). Clean and fresh, big on citrus and tropical flavour